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The World Famous - Tower Bridge Vault Bar


Portland Wharf

Filming at Portland Wharf or in the Vault Bar

Portland wharf is one of the few locations along the Thames from which you can film with Tower Bridge in the background. We have been used for Hollywood and Bollywood movies, television and international TV news and global brand advertising as well as for smaller budget “indi” film and TV.

We are happy to co-operate with organisations wishing to film or take photograph on or from the wharf. Our fee is dependent upon a number of factors:

  • The type and scale of the project
  • The commercial impact upon our day to day business
  • Date, Time & Duration of the use of the site.

We are also open to setting aside space inside the bar for crew and equipment and will provide catering providing we understand the scope and are given sufficient warning.

If you are interested in using the area please contact us through the form below providing as much information and we will let you know our costs and conditions.  If you accept these terms we will provide an invoice that must be settled in advance of visiting site.  Should you over run additional cost must be paid by cash or credit card on the day before leaving site.

If your filming is at short notice we will accept payment by credit card 24 hours prior to the start of filming.

You will then be provided with details of who you need to contact on the day.


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